OpenAI Dev Day

I need to talk about the OpenAI keynote at the developer event this week ( There was a perception that ChatGPT was in decline, that the responses were not so good. In this tweet, Mike Young lists several threads on Reddit with the same complaint (; this paper ( quantifies the drop in accuracy in the algorithm); and, in this interview (, neuroscientist Álvaro Dias also says that ChatGPT is getting worse. Add to this the ongoing lawsuits for misuse (,of%20the%20firms’ %20AI%20systems.
,,, -york-times-considers-legal-action-against-openai-as-copyright-tensions-swirl). It didn’t seem like a good time but the new news about the event puts ChatGPT in the headlines again.

Now there is the possibility of creating customized versions of ChatGPT for specific needs, without needing to know how to code. I already said that my parameter here is my 16-year-old son who uses the chat every day. He sat down with me on Friday and we did a personalized chat, which receives a text written by him and corrects it using the standards established by the school. We did a test and the recommendations are much more accurate comparing the “normal” model and the “international school” model. And he can share this with his colleagues, it’s a steroid version of custom prompts. OpenAI understood that the common user needs to make their lives easier.

Another example of this is the ability to send attachments (currently limited to 10 files). Before you needed to use a plugin, which sent the document to a service and from there ChatGPT analysed it. We tested this with a meteorological data file, 80MB and bzipped. He was able to open the file and do the analysis. Which brings me to another new feature, the “Data Analysis” agent. This could already be done before, but this personalised chat makes it even easier to discover trends and anomalies. In that file of mine, I must admit that the graphics he put together were better than mine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One more? You don’t have to switch modes to create images or browse the web. The algorithm can determine which mode you need for the interaction.

And for the corporate world, two messages: Sam stressed that ChatGPT Enterprise does not use the information submitted for model training, i.e., there is no risk of your spreadsheet with the last quarter’s sales data appearing to your competitor. And that OpenAI has an initiative, called “Copyright Shield”, in which it will bear the legal costs of actions for copyright infringement. The company defends its use of data under the claim of “fair use” under US copyright law, a standard that allows for a more liberal interpretation of copyright law in line with American ideals of free expression.