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Using Algorithms to Understand the Biases in Your Organization

The New Wilderness

An essay about privacy, very insightful.

(…) The question we need to ask is not whether our data is safe, but why there is suddenly so much of it that needs protecting

Deepfakes are here

With some training, we still can figure it out. These days will be gone.

Jupyter is the new Excel

Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?


A Gentle Introduction to Computer Vision

The 7 Myths of Data Anonymisation

AI is a Big Fat Lie

Aside from the clickbait title, it is a good piece of opinion

What is driving europe’s tech economy?

Interesting insights about tech industry in Europe.

Data Science vs Engineering: Tension Points

Nice insights, as more and more we notice the integration of data science algorithms with software systems is not easy at all.

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