The 9 mistakes you don’t know you’re making as a new manager

The lottery ticket hypothesis

We’ve been training neural networks all wrong!

Challenges of Real-World Reinforcement Learning

RL challenges thoroughly described

The Most Dangerous Notion in “Reinventing Organizations”

“a newly emergent social organization model (…) they are decentralized and adaptive (…) places where people bring more of their whole selves to the organization, and the organizations encourage people within them to be present and authentic ”

Dont solve the problem

Advices for leaders

A Gentle Introduction to Computer Vision

The 7 Myths of Data Anonymisation

AI is a Big Fat Lie

Aside from the clickbait title, it is a good piece of opinion

What is driving europe’s tech economy?

Interesting insights about tech industry in Europe.

Data Science vs Engineering: Tension Points

Nice insights, as more and more we notice the integration of data science algorithms with software systems is not easy at all.

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