Microsoft Research and the industrial research cycle

Microsoft Research and the industrial research cycle

Project IceBreak: Let’s make networking easier

REST in Peace: Microservices vs monoliths in real-life examples

” It’s the execution that matters, not the approach. You can succeed or fail with either ”

The Essential Guide to Building Balanced Development Teams

The Future of Agile: Innovators, Imitators, and Idiots

interestingly enough, this is a good article that is an update from his own article from 2011! Makes us wonder, is Agile stuck or evolving?

The Performance Management Revolution

Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design

All videos from Lean Kanban North America 2016

The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule

World Economic Forum’s report of the top 10 emerging technologies

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