Why Product Thinking is the next big thing in UX Design


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All videos from Lean Kanban North America 2016


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The code that took America to the moon was just published to GitHub, and it’s like a 1960s time capsule


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World Economic Forum’s report of the top 10 emerging technologies


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StackOverflow Developer Survey


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What’s Missing In The Agile Manifesto: Mindset

don’t get fooled by the catchy title. Mindset is indeed in the manifesto, laid out in the principles: toughest part is to incorporate the mindset when making Agile.


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What we learned from designing an academic certificates system on the blockchain


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State of Blockchain Q1 2016: Blockchain Funding Overtakes Bitcoin


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I am reading about this #NoProjects movement and it is very interesting. It seems to me a branding for the trend to consider software as a product

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Software as commodity

I was studying this material about major open source licenses used nowadays and I was a bit surprised with the decline of GPL, it was around 50% in 2012 and it is down to 45%. An article at javaworldclaims this fall is due the fact developers don’t care anymore about the license their software are released.In fact, building code under the name of the open source movement seems to be definitive e recently decisions by Microsoft (Linq, Roslyn among others) seems that is really the case.

This leads to a major big corps are facing: if code is being freely releases what’s my incentive to invest in good developers? what’s my incentive to stimulate innovation?

Startups and smallers companies (which soon enough become big) already understood this is a fallacy. Software is commodity in the sense it’s an asset easy to get. But quality of generated code is where the value is created: that’s the point fortune200 have to tackle: how to use software commoditization to make something truly big?

This is what turned those startups and small companies real competitors.

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